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Box Master 2 is a classical remake of the game Sokoban with 8-bit pixelated graphics and nice chiptune music.

Game Features:

  • Random 8-bit chiptune music.
  • In-game effects.
  • 20 levels.
  • Character animation.
  • 2 different game modes to play with.
  • Pixelated graphics.
  • Level editor.

Classic mode:

In the classic mode you must solve 20 hardcore levels in order to become the next Box Master.

Sandbox mode:

In the sandbox mode you can play your own levels created with the level editor.

Level Editor features:

  • Save Level.
  • Load Level.
  • Delete Level.
  • Clear Level.

How to play ?

Use "arrow keys" to move the player.

Press "escape key" during game to exit.

Press "r" to restart your current level - If you get stuck, this happens a lot :)

In the level editor : use "right-mouse click" to delete the tile and "left-mouse click" to draw.

Install instructions

Unzip then run the exe. file and enjoy the game.


BoxMaster_v2.0.zip 145 MB
BoxMaster_v2.1.zip 145 MB

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